Bereavement Services

Families can count on our hospice professionals for ongoing support and education. One such area of support is Bereavement Care. This is a vital element of our hospice services for families. Before, during, and after a loved one’s death, hospice bereavement services are an important support system that assists patients, families, and caregivers with their respective grief. 


All Bereavement Support Groups REQUIRE REGISTRATION. Please contact Karen Gore for more information.

About Our Bereavement Services

Our Bereavement Program is coordinated by a licensed clinical social worker who provides the psychological, emotional and spiritual support needed during life’s difficult transition after a loved one’s passing. Families and caregivers are provided with a continuum of care through a supportive bereavement program that continues for 13 months after the loss of a loved one.

A telephone screening is necessary for enrollment for support groups. For your safety we are providing phone screenings phone/virtual groups and virtual/phone individual grief counseling sessions. While all of our NVNA SUPPORTS groups are unable to meet in person for safety right now, our team continues to support our community. Our bereavement support groups continue to “meet” virtually. In-Person Grief Counseling now offered via phone/Zoom or masked outdoors.

New Virtual Bereavement Groups

Recent Loss Group (1–6 months) and Making Meaning (4–6+ months)

8 session series for any loss. Open to all South Shore residents who have suffered a loss within the past year (not limited to families of NVNA and Hospice patients).

Next group series begins in Fall 2021. Please contact to register.


Spouse/Partner Loss Support Groups (Virtual)

Daytime – Wednesday Afternoons 2-3:30pm OR Evening – First & Third Monday of each month

Please contact to register.


Monthly Support Group: September, October, and November 2021

This group is for any loss. It will meet once each month on Zoom with a facilitator. The facilitator will provide coping skills and information, and there will be time for participants to express feelings, find common ground and support one another.

Registration required. Please contact to register.

This group will meet on the last Wednesday of each month: September 29, October 27, and November 24.
Time: 4:30pm
You may join for one or all meetings.


>> NEW Stress Reduction for Grief – Virtual Educational Group

Telephone screening is required for all groups. Please call with interest, space is limited.

In-Person Grief Counseling is now being offered via phone/Zoom!

Educational workshops have been postponed: if you would like Children and grief and other topic hand-outs, please email

Winter Bereavement Offerings

Planning for the Holidays

Wednesday November 10 at 5:00pm on Zoom

This presentation and discussion provides tools for coping with holidays and other difficult dates.

Please contact to register.


Moving Meditation Workshop: In-Person

Paula Nesoff, MSW, Reiki Master is offering a Moving Meditation workshop incorporating the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong. In 3 sessions, participants will learn about the benefits of this type of meditation and learn and practice simple movements to calm the body and mind. Moving meditation focuses on the movements of the body rather than the goal of perfecting the movement. As participants practice movements along with mindfulness, daily life activities also feel less stressful on the physical body.

Please contact to register. Workshop will be offered on January 11, 13, and 18 at 12:00pm.


Letting Go Workshop: In-Person

Karen Gore, LICSW, Bereavement Coordinator and Counselor is offering a one-time, in-person gathering to actively address things you may need to let go of. This ritual is helpful for those who feel like they have a nagging regret, feelings of guilt or things unspoken to their loved one. The ritual will include writing, some gentle walking, and quiet reflection.

Please contact to register. Date and time TBD.

Bereavement SUPPORTS

Our bereavement coordinator can meet with you for in-person counseling and suggest a group that best meets your individual needs.

Bereavement Support Groups

Our groups are open to all South Shore residents who have suffered a loss within the past year. (Not limited to families of NVNA and Hospice patients)

All Bereavement Support Groups REQUIRE REGISTRATION. Please contact Karen Gore, LICSW at  or or 781-659-2342 to register.

Honor Your Loved One's Memory

Wall of Remembrance

Hospice families have an opportunity to recognize their loved one on the campus of The Pat Roche Hospice Home. Memorial donations cumulatively exceeding $1,000 will be invited to honor their loved on our beautiful new Wall of Remembrance.  For more information, please contact Development Officer Lisa Mullen at (781) 610.1519 or

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