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NVNA WORKS is a non-profit affiliate of NVNA and Hospice, a non-profit home health care and hospice agency founded in 1920. We offer full range of private pay home care services to keep people healthy and safe in their homes. We go to wherever home may be – apartment, house, family home, senior residence, assisted living community, or skilled nursing facility – in over 27 communities throughout the South Shore. Our comprehensive services are designed to provide clients and their loved ones with support and peace of mind.

We strive to make sure that our clients are always provided with the services that best fit them.

Customizing care to meet each client’s needs, this may involve one or more of our services, such as:

  • Companion Care
  • Homemaking
  • Personal Care
  • Private Nursing
  • Private rehab therapies: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy

NVNA WORKS staff is trained  in their respective areas of care and maintains high quality standards. If you need guidance in determining which of our services may be the best fit for you or a loved one, our experienced staff can work with you to determine the best
plan and course of action.

To learn more about how NVNA Works can help you, please contact Christine McDonough at (781) 871-1040 or CMcDonough@nvna.org.

Are we the right choice?

Most people wish to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. So, when it comes time to needing long term care or support, it’s no surprise that most people wish to receive that care or support at home.

  • Perhaps some temporary assistance is needed while recovering at home from surgery or an illness
  • Perhaps a little extra support is needed to stay safely and comfortably at home
  • Perhaps more specialized care is needed to prevent you from returning to the hospital

NVNA WORKS can respond to all of these situations.

How is NVNA WORKS different from all the other private pay home care choices?

NVNA WORKS is a nurse-led private care agency and part of a full continuum of care offered through our affiliate, NVNA and Hospice. Our caregivers are trained to call in our nurses if they see any change in a client’s health. So, if your loved one suddenly becomes ill or develops additional problems, our staff can act quickly to arrange for additional needed services.

There’s no need to change or add agencies as more extensive care is needed. NVNA WORKS offers a seamless delivery system. Certified (insurance paid) home care services can be brought in by our parent agency, and we can continue to augment as needed. This also extends to Palliative Care services and Hospice, if necessary.

NVNA WORKS  is convenient

No doctor’s order or pre-authorization is needed.
You call us direct to tell us what is needed and when.
We coordinate all scheduling and accommodate requests for changes as necessary.

NVNA WORKS services are customized to best meet each client’s needs and requirements.

NVNA WORKS services can meet individual needs, which may include:

  • One-stand alone service
  • Housekeeping and homemaking
  • Companion care
  • Personal caregivers, private nursing, and physical therapy

NVNA WORKS provides hourly services (4-hour minimum), nights and weekends, and has 24/7 capability.

To learn more about how NVNA WORKS can help you, please contact Christine McDonough at (781) 871-1040 or CMcDonough@nvna.org.

Board of Directors

William Scalzulli, President

Mary Sweeney, Vice President

Christine McDonough, Executive Director

Karen Mullaney, Treasurer

Ellen Allen

Marisa Costello

Ben Bembenek, Clerk

Vicki Donlan

Shaun Golden

Linda Mahonen

Renee McInnes

Donna Pineau, P.H.D.

Deirdre Prescott

Nandita Scott, M.D.

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