John's Hospice Story

“Everyone at NVNA and Hospice is very caring and attentive. They know him almost as well as we do. His nurse, Jo Calabro, takes care of him, but also helps us with convenience things like ordering medication refills,” said John’s daughter Kathy Medlin-McSorley. “All the nurses know his history – we never have to explain his care.” Medlin-McSorley says that her father started with NVNA and Hospice’s Palliative Care when he was diagnosed with cancer and dementia a few years ago. Eventually, Mr. Medlin needed Hospice care and decided to stay in his Marshfield home that he shares with her mother. She said her Dad’s disciplined military training helps him operate well in his own home with his own familiar rituals. She said his Hospice nurse, Jo, encouraged Mr. Medlin to keep up his comforting morning routine of making coffee and oatmeal. “I always enjoy my visits with Mr. Medlin. He is such a humble person and always makes me laugh. I am honored to be part of his journey,” said Hospice Nurse Jo Calabro. Today, the couple have been married sixty-four years. They have eleven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and two more on the way. We always say that Hospice is about enjoying the life you have and boy, has Mr. Medlin led an amazing life. Thank you to the entire Medlin family for letting us be part of this amazing story.

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