Rehabilitation Services

NVNA and Hospice, located in Norwell, MA, is proud to provide a wide range of home health care services throughout the South Shore including our home rehabilitation therapy services.

Often times after hospitalization or other medical event, home rehab will be required. Rehabilitation services in the comfort of your own home can make all the difference when it comes to retaining independence while recovering and healing.

NVNA and Hospice provides the highest quality of rehab and care in the comfort of your own home. Our home rehab services range from physical, occupational, and speech therapy. The benefit of receiving these rehab therapies in the home is immense.

Exercise Instructional Videos 

Home Care still is here for you. Check out these exercises and demonstrations to help you heal safely at home. Our physical and occupational therapists and other clinicians offer these simple videos to encourage you. Please contact your individual physical therapist, occupational therapist or physician if you have any questions.

Seated Exercises

Standing Exercises 

Laying Down Exercises 

Total Knee Replacement – post-op exercises 

General Bathroom Safety and Grab Bar Placement

Shower Transfer 

Dressing with a “Hip Kit” 

Thera Putty Exercise

Total Shoulder Replacement Exercises – Phase 1 

Upper Extremity Thera Band  Exercises 

Upper Extremity Basic Exercises

Energy Conservation

Aerobika and Acapella

Incentive Spirometer 

Pursed Lip Breathing 

Seeing where one lives and performs daily activities enhances the therapists’ approach and recommendations for solutions.

Home rehab also allows patients to involve the family members along with doctors, nurses, and therapists. The input and support of family and friends during time spent in rehab can make a huge difference and is essential for having a positive outcome.

All NVNA and Hospice’s home health rehab employees are fully-licensed professionals who are certified in their respective areas of expertise. The therapists may work individually or as a team depending on the patient’s individual needs. Home assessments are often offered by the physical therapist and/or occupational therapist with recommendations and suggestions for providing a safe and risk-free environment as well as enhancing the patient’s functioning level.

Patients can take advantage of several different types of treatment, depending on their functional needs.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Our physical therapists focus on the patient’s mobility and ambulation and help patients regain strength and mobility after an accident, fall, surgery or illness. Therapeutic exercises focus on balance and gait as well as safe transfers from bed to chair, chair to bed, etc. These are just some of the areas that physical therapy explores and, through a customized care plan, aims to improve.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our occupational therapists focus on improving motor skills needed for functioning in living and work environments. These include activities such as showering, dressing, eating, cooking and work-related functions. Therapeutic exercises and appropriate training are provided to strengthen and improve ability and dexterity as well as visual acuity if necessary. Adaptive equipment such as special shower heads, bath seats, and eating utensils may be recommended to improve the patient’s functional abilities.

Speech Therapy (ST)

Our speech therapists concentrate on swallowing and speech issues resulting from an illness or injury. Their expertise and guidance assist the patient in restoring and developing skills that have been weakened or compromised. They may use cognitive exercises to help the patient and offer the patient support and education.

For additional information on NVNA and Hospice Home Rehabilitation service please contact us at (781) 659-2342.

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