Telehealth Services

Our goal is to keep our patients safe, home, and out of the hospital. Through telehealth, we provide high-quality coordinated care through virtual technology including phone, video chat, and text messaging with healthcare providers.

Understanding Telehealth

What exactly is telehealth?

Telehealth uses technology to allow patients to take daily vitals and be engaged with their care plan, without having to travel to their health care providers office. Each tablet is customized to the patient’s unique needs to take and track their daily vitals, report their medication adherence, log daily activity, and take a customized survey to see how they are doing.

Read an interview about how we use  telehealth to support patients and families  HERE 

How are patients monitored?

Through the 4G enabled tablets, providers are able to track their patients and will receive alerts when the patient is not adhering to their treatment plan or has high-risk vital readings. Clinicians are then able to intervene to help prevent readmittance to the hospital.

What is provided in each kit?

Each kit is specific to our patients and includes:

  • Educational videos
  • Care plans
  • Medication reminders
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Weight Scale
  • Pulse Oximeter

HRS Telemonitoring Software

Through the HRS Telemonitoring Software, patients are able to:

  • Measure weight, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose and SPO2, and track their readings
  • Let clinicians know of symptoms through a daily survey
  • Learn about their disease condition and how to manage it
  • Track their medication adherence and progress
  • Communicate with their clinician via text, phone, or video chat

How to Get Started:

Our team can work with you to decide if this is right for you. To talk with us further, please call us today at 781-659 -2342.


What if I have a question about my telehealth equipment?

If you have a question about your telehealth system, please call us at 781-659 -2342.

Peace of Mind

Private telehealth monitoring to protect those you love.

Are your parents Florida snowbirds, but you want to stay involved with their care?

Do you live far away but want to stay connected to your aging parents?

Are you done with home care yourself, but want the extra assurance and support of our expert clinical team?

We can help.

We provide telehealth equipment and monitoring. Telehealth can:

  • Measure weight, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose and SPO2, and track readings
  • Monitor symptoms through a daily survey
  • Reach out to your physicians with any issues
  • Learn about how to manage disease conditions
  • Track medication adherence and progress
  • Communicate with our clinicians via text, phone, or video chat
  • Share information with family members via an app

It is easy.

Please call 781-659-2342 and we can get you started!

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