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Please know that families can count on our hospice professionals for ongoing support and education. One such area of support is bereavement care. This is a vital element of our hospice services for families. Before, during, and after a loved one’s death, hospice bereavement services are an important support system that assist patients, families, and caregivers with their respective grief. 

Bereavement Services


Our bereavement program provides the psychological, emotional, and spiritual support needed during life’s difficult transition after a loved one’s passing. Families and caregivers are provided with a continuum of care through a supportive bereavement program that continues for thirteen months after the loss of a loved one.


A telephone screening is necessary for enrollment for support groups. We provide the option of phone screenings, phone/virtual groups, and virtual/phone individual grief counseling sessions as needed. 

For more information about our Bereavement Support, please contact Reverend Susan Sullivan at (781) 659-2342 x 698.

Spouse or Partner Loss

AfternoonWednesday afternoons 2:00pm-3:30pm. Group meets in person from September 13-November 16, 2023. Winter group will meet from January 3-February 21, 2024. 

Lead by John Sheeran, MA and Reverend Susan Sullivan.

This group is open to adults 18+ who have lost a spouse or partner over the last year. During our sessions, we will explore normalization of the impact of grief, discover and develop healthy coping skills, and help our participants find purpose without the presence of your loved one.

We hope you join us to begin your healing. 


For more information or to join this group, please contact Reverend Susan Sullivan at (781) 659-2342 x 698.

Coping with Grief at the Holidays

AfternoonWednesday afternoons 2:00pm-3:00pm. Group meets in person on December 6, December 13, and December 20, 2023. A Zoom option is also available. 


For more information or to join this group, please contact Reverend Susan Sullivan at (781) 659-2342 x 698.

All in-person meeting locations will be provided upon registration.

"Hearing about other people and their grief experiences makes me feel that I am not so alone in my own grief."

Bereavement group participant

"Talking every week about the loss of my loved one has made a difference in my life."

Bereavement group participant

Honor Your Loved One's Memory

Hospice families have an opportunity to recognize their loved one on the campus of the Pat Roche Hospice Home. Memorial donations cumulatively exceeding $1,000 will be invited to honor their loved one on our beautiful Emilson Family Wall of Remembrance. For more information, please contact Development Officer Lisa Mullen at (781) 610-1519 or

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