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Our private duty caregivers visit patient homes to assist with daily living activities and enhance their care. Comprehensive services are designed to provide clients and their loved ones with support and peace of mind.

Understanding Your Options

Our private duty division, NVNA WORKS, is a non-profit affiliate of NVNA and Hospice, a non-profit home health care and hospice agency founded in 1920. We offer a full range of private pay home care services to keep people healthy and safe in their homes. We go to wherever home may be – apartment, house, family home, senior residence, assisted living community, or skilled nursing facility – in over 27 communities throughout the South Shore. 

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The Right Care Choice For You

We strive to make sure that our clients are always provided with the services that best fit them. Care is customized to meet each client’s needs, including one or more of our services such as:

  • Private nursing

  • Private rehab therapies: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy

  • Companion care

  • Homemaking

  • Personal care

Our staff are trained in their respective areas of care and maintain high quality standards. For guidance in determining which of our services may be the best fit for you or a loved one, our experienced staff can work with you to determine the best plan. 


To learn more about how our private duty services can help you, please call 781-871-1040 or email​.

How is this different
from any other private pay
home care choices?

NVNA  WORKS is a nurse-led private care agency and part of a full continuum of care offered through our affiliate, NVNA and Hospice.


Our caregivers are trained to call in our nurses if they see any change in a client’s health. If your loved one suddenly becomes ill or develops additional problems, our staff can act quickly to arrange for additional needed services.


There’s no need to change or add agencies as more extensive care may be needed. We offer a seamless delivery system. Certified (insurance paid) home care services can be brought in by our parent agency, and we can continue to augment as needed. This also extends to palliative care services and hospice, if necessary.

We provide the care your loved ones need to help promote their safety and security in their own environments.


Certified LPNs, CNAs, home health aides, or personal care attendants are trained to provide hands-on personal care. Caregivers assist  with:

  • Bathing

  • Toileting

  • Dressing

  • Medication reminders/cues

  • Light housekeeping

Our caregivers can offer respite to families for vacations, holidays and other occasions.


Homemakers provide assistance in the home to ensure that the environment is safe and secure.

  • Help with laundry and light housekeeping

  • Meal preparation

  • Pet and plant care

  • Shopping and errands

  • Dropping off and picking up prescriptions

Clinical Services

We offer private duty nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to meet clients’ complex medical needs or rehabilitative requirements. Perhaps you’ve been recently discharged from rehab services from a facility or certified homecare agency but you wish to continue receiving physical therapy at home. Our physical therapists can deliver that care.


Companions offer comfort and company, inside and outside the home.

  • Write letters and correspondence

  • Aid with reading and assist with crafts

  • Play games and cards

  • Accompany to social occasions, religious services, family events

  • Escort to medical and other appointments

  • Provide transportation 

Special Services

Our private duty division has developed services that cater to our clients with special needs, including those with life-limiting illnesses, Alzheimer’s and dementia, or care for two people in the same home.

Caregivers are specially trained to tailor the type and scope of care needed in these unique circumstances, including hospice-trained staff and Alzheimer’s certified staff.


We work closely with our  NVNA and Hospice colleagues to ensure continuity, communication, and sensitivity to our clients’ needs.



No doctor’s order or pre-authorization is needed. Call us directly to tell us what is needed and when. We coordinate all scheduling and accommodate requests for changes as necessary.


  • One stand-alone service

  • Housekeeping and homemaking

  • Companion care

  • Personal caregivers, private nursing, and physical therapy

Whatever the need, we provide the care, services, and programs to make your life easier, all under one roof.

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At Your Aid

We provide care when family can’t be there, whether it’s overnight at a loved one’s hospital bedside or day and night during a short-term rehab stay.

Our trained and certified aides can provide the extra companionship and assistance a loved one may need during difficult times in an unfamiliar setting. 

Care Resources and Planning

A custom roadmap of resources, options, and suggestions for dementia patients and families.

  • Best options and ideas for loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other dementias

  • A custom family meeting and individual plan that considers both family dynamics and preferred living environments

  • Help with answering common family questions


We assist clients transitioning from their present home to a new home, such as an assisted living community.

Our caregivers will meet clients still in their homes and spend time with them there, getting ready for the move. Once relocated,  caregivers continue to visit in the new setting until clients become comfortable with their new surroundings.

Parkinson's Physical Therapy Assistant

Parkinson’s-related studies show exercise helps reduce disability as well as enhances dopamine transmission and improves motor function. Our Parkinson’s PTA Program expounds on this research by customizing individual physical therapy sessions for people with Parkinson’s. Our program customized individual physical therapy sessions for people with Parkinson’s to improve:

  • Strength and endurance

  • Walking ability

  • Balance and mobility

  • Flexibility


We help clients be part of the big day. Our caregivers can assist with transportation to and from the event, as well as care during a wedding and reception.


We can also help out at your home if your loved one is not up for attending the wedding. 


Going home is exciting, but also overwhelming. We can help from day one.

Day One Support:

  • Transportation home from the hospital or a skilled rehab facility

  • Medication support and pharmacy pick-up

  • Running errands

Other Personalized Services:

  • Nursing care

  • Physical, speech, and occupational therapy

  • Home health aides

  • Light housekeeping

  • Nighttime routine and overnight support

  • Bathing and personal care

Private duty care provides hourly services
nights and weekends, and has 24/7 capability.
(6-hour minimum)


To learn more about how our private duty care can help you, please call 781-871-1040 or email

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