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We believe in welcoming everyone of all faiths and beliefs. We encourage you to express your spirituality or practice your religion in your own way and are here to offer support.

Spiritual Care


Our spirituality is that which makes each of us unique. It relates to those things in which we find meaning, hope, love and purpose. For some, it will be reflected in what they have achieved in life or who have been the key people in their relationships. For others, it may have a religious element expressed in a belief and practiced through a particular faith.

Come And Find Rest

When you are seriously ill, you and those close to you may have questions or concerns that can be just as distressing as the physical symptoms of your illness. Worries may arise such as, “Why is this happening to me?” “What has my life meant?” “What happens after I die?” Concerns may surface about how your illness is affecting you and what is important to you at this time, as well as hopes and fears for yourself, your family, and others who are close to you.

As part of our hospice team, our Spiritual Care colleagues care daily for people dealing with their deepest emotional questions. They are available to everyone and can visit regularly.

If you would find it helpful to talk to someone, our chaplains are available to explore questions, concerns, and feelings with you. 

Meet The Spiritual Care Team

Our Spiritual Care team is trained to offer the best care for our patients.

chaplain_SarahClancey_hospice family member_edited.jpg

Sarah Clancey


Hospice Chaplain


John Sheeran

Chaplain, Bereavement Counselor

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Rachel Reid


Marek Tuptynski


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