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Volunteer With Us

We are so grateful to the many volunteers who are an invaluable support to our patients and families. Volunteers provide respite, companionship and sometimes just a hand to hold. 

Join Our Volunteer Team

Are you interested in volunteering with us? We welcome volunteers looking to offer companionship to patients at home, assist with day-to-day tasks at the Pat Roche Hospice Home, or support clerical operations in our main Norwell office.

We also encourage those with unique skills or certifications such as pet therapy, Reiki, or music to outreach to us.


For more information about volunteering, please contact Catie MacWilliams at or (781) 610-1506.


Megan Hansen with her daughters

When Megan Hansen and her daughters Sophia and Brooke arrive for their Sunday evening volunteer shift at the Pat Roche Hospice Home, the first thing they do is turn on the oven. “We’re always looking to see what we can bake,” says Megan. “Preparing food for the patients, families, and staff here feels simple, yet it is so impactful.”  

With a background in occupational therapy and a long history of volunteer work, Megan, a mother of four, has an instinct for providing comfort that becomes clear upon hearing her speak. It's only natural that her daughters would follow suit. Sophia and Brooke have volunteered alongside her for years, but Megan acknowledges that this experience is a bit different. “At first they were curious and a little nervous to volunteer in a hospice home, but now they just want to keep coming back with me.” She goes on to note that their weekly baking time has been a gentle way to connect them with the hospice mission. “This is such a warm, nurturing environment, and I see it helping them become comfortable with the concept. All three of us have immediately felt embraced by everyone we have met here.” 

In addition to kitchen shifts, Megan also provides companionship visits to hospice patients and is in the process of receiving her Reiki certification. “The learning continues for my daughters when they come to help in the kitchen, but it’s also continuing for me as I learn new skills and forge these human connections. Between us, the staff, and patient families, we’re all making a difference for each other. It’s a mutual joy.” 

Volunteers at NVNA and Hospice have many options to choose from. Some, like Megan and her daughters, volunteer with housekeeping or patient services at the Pat Roche Hospice Home. Others conduct companionship visits in patient homes across the region, provide veteran recognition ceremonies, or offer clerical assistance. 

“There is so much opportunity within this volunteer program,” Megan says. “I feel so fortunate to be here and to be able to involve my family in this important work. We’re all just supporting each other.”

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