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Donor Profile: The MacDonald Family

It can be difficult to make decisions about if, when, and how to give back to your community.

For the MacDonald family, however, the choice has always been clear.

Everything began with James Robert “Bob” MacDonald and a few lucky occurrences. After graduating high school, Bob began making deliveries for a local market and in the process happened to meet Viola Gherardi, his future wife. While out on the road around the same time, the owner of a local funeral home noticed Bob’s diligent work ethic and offered him a part-time job. There, Bob quickly came to realize how much he enjoyed being able to help families navigate their losses.

Once married with a young family, Bob and Viola decided to use their savings to begin a funeral home business of their own. The MacDonalds relocated to Marshfield in 1959 and quickly found their stride, establishing themselves as a key presence on the South Shore with their kindness and clear passion for their work.

Having witnessed the family’s commitment to service their whole lives, it was only natural that Bob and Viola’s four sons decided to become the MacDonald Funeral Home’s next generation of co-owners. The family has consistently supported the community with their time, counsel, and generosity.

When Viola and Bob passed away within a year of each other, their family unanimously decided to honor the end-of-life care they received with NVNA and Hospice through establishing a memorial fund in their names.

This act of generosity will help us carry on our mission of caring for families as the MacDonalds continue to do the same—a fitting example of their compassionate leadership that impacts the community every day.

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